Points from the Pastor

Bro Tim

Hello & thank you for looking at our web page. This is a very new adventure for us at Silent Run so please be patient as it is a work in progress, and, please keep checking back!

More so than checking out our webpage or fb, I would invite you to check out our amazing church! Sure, I know every pastor is supposed to say that about their church, & maybe you've heard it all before, or never before. Maybe your searching for a church home or think you found this site by accident, either way, we would love for you to be our guest at any of our services or events. Make sure you get your free gift for visiting too!!!!

We are a loving, fellowshipping, patriotic country church nestled up a dead end road where you'll find us just worshipping Jesus. 

Don't worry about how to dress, or where you're coming from. Don't let who you were, who you are or anything else keep you from our Father's House. Come out & give us a try. Our worship style leans more to the traditional side with mostly hymns, some contemporary. But it's truly a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. But as the pastor, I can promise you this, you will always get Jesus at Silent Run. He is the reason we celebrate, He is who we worship and we believe that He is The Risen Lord & He's still doing miracles.

Thanks again for looking, come on back & until then, may God Bless you.

In HIS Service,

Bro Tim